From Pulse to Peak

The Secret of Using Sensual Music to Guarantee Your

“One Hour Orgasm”


Article by John Kale, author of

“Sex Between the Beats, the Ultimate Guide to Sex Music”


#1 of a series


If you were to mention the “One Hour Orgasm” in a casual conversation with an average American, your listener would probably roll their eyes, laugh nervously, and wonder what you’ve been drinking or smoking lately. Second, they would probably wonder how anyone could possibly achieve such a thing. After all, isn’t orgasm an uncontrollable flash of blinding energy that roars through your body, obliterating everything in its path like a raging river tearing through a backwater town? How could anyone sustain that energetic tsunami for an hour or more, let alone “little ole me”?

It is not my purpose to convince you that the “One Hour Orgasm” exists. Bob and Leah Schwartz have done a splendid job of that in their book, aptly named “One Hour Orgasm, How to learn the Amazing Venus Butterfly Technique”. My goal is to entice your thought down an intriguing path that I have pioneered in my book

Sex Between the Beats, the Ultimate Guide to Sex Music” and then tie a few of those concepts together with the principles of the “One Hour Orgasm”. This will go a long way towards making the seemingly outlandish claim of the article title not only doable, but easy and fun.

The key to your success in this matter is a simple one, but it’s absolutely critical to your pleasure and enjoyment of the “One Hour Orgasm”. You must begin thinking and understanding sex as an energetic event in addition to the traditional Western view of sex as a strictly physical act. Such awareness will add new levels of breadth and dimension to your concept of what’s possible in the sexual realm.

Once you begin looking at sex with this point of view, you will begin to understand how the power of often unpredictable acts of love can be harnessed to your advantage.

In “Sex Between the Beats” I use the observations of my experience working as a Disc Jockey for an LA sex club to explore the connections between human sexuality and music. I noticed that certain musical offerings were much more likely than others to trigger erotic behavior and that the most common denominator of change was the rhythmic energy generated by a particular musical selection. Over time working in this way, I developed a whole program of looking at music through the screen of Eastern philosophy and its energetic model of the universe,

Take a moment to consider electrical energy flowing through wire, which closely resembles the human energy channels theorized by Chinese Taoist masters. The energetic solution I am suggesting is completely analogous to this electrical paradigm.

A tiny fader or dial can easily control and regulate billions of watts of electrical power, channeling them to accomplish many of humanities’ most difficult tasks. In a similar way, the rhythmic aspect of music can be used to control and regulate the flow of orgasmic energy.

In the book I introduced the concept of rhythmic entrainment. This is a scientifically proven idea that states that if one object is in motion, other similar objects in the immediate area will begin to exhibit the same movement characteristics, eventually moving in lockstep with the original object.

Think of two grandfather clocks standing next to each other in an empty room; if one clock is wound up and started, the pendulum will begin moving in its own rhythm. Even if the other clock is started a few minutes later, over time its pendulum will entrain exactly with the rhythm of the first clock.

In more human terms, think of walking with a close friend or lover, don’t we start to move in a very similar, synchronous manner? What about dancing, the better we get, the more we begin to anticipate and match our partner.

The concept of entrainment even applies to our physiological processes. Have you ever heard of a curious phenomenon that is common to college campuses? This finding states that the menstrual cycles of women rooming together in college dorms show a marked tendency to entrain or match each other.


Now, what is the practical application of all this theory?


Just this; we can use the entraining power of music to control and extend the energy of our erotic experience just like a simple fader can control the brilliance of an electric light bulb in an empty room. Instead of exploding in a burst of light we facilitate a slower, longer release of energy that comes more and more under conscious control Music becomes the adjustment valve; the metronome or timekeeper of our passion. Thus the “One Hour Orgasm” becomes something that is infinitely more attainable to anyone aware of these subtleties.


Article #2 will delve into the specifics of this process.


Six Erotic Journeys the official soundtrack for the “One Hour Orgasm”
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