Bedroom Whispers
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Recommended for Romance by the "Sexpert"; - Ava Cadell, certified sex therapist.
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An album of ten evocative songs filled with the seductive words of romance and intrigue. This collection is wrapped in the rhythms of bossa - nova , served up with a generous helping of velvet guitar, sweet saxophone and smoldering percussion. Vocalist Johnny Baltimore's warm, smooth delivery and original material is a loving, original and effective tribute to his influences of Jobim, Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Turn the lights down low and be transported to a world where romance is all that matters.

"A sexy mix of pop and jazz that explores relationships from physical attraction to deep emotion." -PLAYBOY

"Johnny Baltimore's seductive voice and sultry lyrics are the perfect accompaniment to a romantic evening." -ON THE BOULEVARD

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Isabelle: A stirring tale of romantic obsession. How easy it is for passion to overpower one's better nature. The lure of the flesh and it's delights can easily lead one into a web of delusion from which there is no return.
550 Kb sample
Silence: There is nothing more intimate than silence between lovers. To go into the silence with another and be comfortable there is a testament to the feelings at work in any relationship.
Closer: Romance is about being close. The overwhelming desire to be as close as possible to the object of one's affection. And when closeness has been achieved it must be brought to it's logical conclusion. Human nature will not be denied.
Without You: Memories of past love can be so bittersweet. This elegant bossa nova captures the inspiration and melancholy of passion remembered. Outstanding vibes and guitar solos are a perfect musical complement to the lyrics of the song.
612 Kb sample
We Made Love: To give oneself up to forbidden pleasure is such a sweet surrender. Must we abandon ourselves in selfish-gratification? The singer sings, then quenches the flames that burn within.
One By One: Love can be such a delicious game. One by one the obstacles to passion are overturned and desire will have it's way once again. Resistance is like pouring oil on a fire. Instead of putting out the flames, they only burn more fiercely.
Satin Sheets: A very personal song. Memories long passed, yet living so clearly as if yesterday. Candlelight, incense, soft music, and satin sheets. Need we say more.
Shifting Sand: There is only one constant in life. Everything changes. Love affairs are no exception. Each moment is a flow between agony and ecstasy. However, the ecstasy is worth it !
Bedroom Whispers: When the sighs of pleasure and moans of erotic intoxication fade into the air, where do they go? Are they like ghosts that will haunt a lover's hideaway forever? Whispers in the afterglow, when all the defenses are down define the language of love. May all your "Bedroom Whispers" be beautiful ones.
852 Kb sample
Come Away: There comes a time when you must put the cares and worries of the world behind. This freedom can be as intoxicating as the finest spirits or arousing as the most sensual of moments. Come away into the realm of romance and music. It's a nice place to be.

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Gazing into your lover's eyes, Romantic Dinners
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Bedroom Whispers
Bedroom Whispers
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