Sex between the Beats

The Ultimate Guide to Sex Music


Table of Contents





Three Minute Sensuality Test



Sex Music as Aphrodisiac


Chapter One

Getting to Know You


The Phone Call

What's Your Fantasy?

A Powerful Muse

Mating Calls and Other Delights

The Sexual Power of Music

General Characteristics of Music

Musical Influence through the Ages


Chapter Two

Fireworks on Demand


The Nature of Sex Music

Music as Language

A Powerful Emotional Trigger

A Theory Concerning Music and Emotion


Chapter Three

Can You Feel It Now?


Music in Your Body

Physical Responses to Sound

The Lizard Brain

Hormones: The Messengers of Love

Sexy Endorphins

Thrills and Chills

Music in Your Mind

Your Sensual Support System



Making the Music Work for You


Chapter Four

Road Map of Desire


In The Mood for Love

Music, Moods and Energy

What the People Say

The Sexual Arousal Cycle

Differences in the Arousal Cycle between Men and Women

Sexy Music and the Arousal Cycle

Chapter Five

Like A Heat Seeking Missile


Erotic Energy in Music

Sensual Modalities

Getting the Juice Out of Your Music

Tuning In

Levels of Involvement

One Halloween


Chapter Six

Setting the Scene


Types of Music

Sexy Background Music and Sensual environments

You are the Sex DJ

Using Music to Charge Our Bodies with Sexual Energy


Chapter Seven


Sway with Me

The Sensual Rhythm of Desire

Earliest Ties to Rhythm

All God's Children Got Rhythm

The Rhythmic Dance of Sexual Love

Deeper Into the Sex Groove

Syncopation Anyone?

Nature's Rhythmic Wildcard: Entrainment

Practical Aspects of Entrainment

Entrainment and Sexuality

A Small Step Beyond


Chapter Eight


Get Down, Make Love

From Romance to Afterglow

Matching the Music to Your Needs

Bedroom Symphony Part 1

Bedroom Symphony Part 2

Bedroom Symphony Part 3

Bedroom Symphony Part 4

Coming Together

Music to Avoid

Love Choices


Chapter Nine

Slippery Sensations


The Joy of Movement

Dance the Night Away

Faster! Harder!

Some Advice about Movement

How Do I Wish To Tease You? Let Me Count the Ways


A Few Quick Easy Technical Notes


About Blush Records

Appendix-List of Song Suggestions

Selected Bibliography



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