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10 Beneficial Effects of Music
that can enhance the Quality of Romantic Encounters

1.  Music has been shown to increase endorphin levels. These are the body's feel good hormones. They can reduce pain and induce a natural high. Research involving music therapy has shown that music relieves anxiety and provides distraction from pain by inducing the release of endorphins.

2.  Anesthesiologists now know that music can decrease the level of stress hormones in the body significantly. Stress is caused by the release of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. Tests have shown that listening to music you like can decrease the level of this hormone and relieve symptoms of stress while levels of DHEA (a hormone associated with Sex and sensuality) go up.

3.  Music can trigger past romantic associations that the brain has linked with certain songs or pieces of music. This can summon intense romantic or sensual feelings from the past to manifest in the present.

4.  Music can slow down or equalize brain waves. The slower the brain waves, the more relaxed and peaceful we feel. Ordinary consciousness is beta waves 14 to 20 hertz (strong negative emotions), Calm and heightened awareness is 8 to 13 hertz. The slower the brain waves, the more relaxed and contented we feel.

5.  Music reduces body tension and improves body movement. The auditory nerve connects the inner ear with all the muscles in the body (Vibroaccoustic memory).

6.  Music affects body temperature. Music, especially music with a strong beat can raise body temperature because musical energy dissipates as heat.

7.  Music can mask or change unpleasant sounds or feelings.

8.  Music affects the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure. A lower heartbeat creates less physical tension and stress, calms the mind and helps the body heal itself while it relaxes.

9.  Music affects respiration (slower and deeper) to better reach easier and deeper orgasms.

10.  Music can foster endurance (increases the amount of exercise done up to 25%) while generating a sense of safety and well-being.

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