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Recommended for Romance by the "Sexpert" - Ava Cadell, certified sex therapist.
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So be it, throw aside the rough-sack matting of self-denial in this world and for your prayer mat take flesh as the place of your devotions

Ii Yu -Taoist sage


A New Classic of Sensual Healing !

This is truly music to enhance the sensuous experience! This album is a mystical, sensual soundtrack for intimate interludes and acts of love, blending Eastern and Western music in the harmony of Yin and Yang . Each musical selection heightens a different phase of the energy cycle as it moves from awakening to completion, gently and subtlely guiding the breath and movements of the lovers to a single point of ecstasy . Anyone interested in the pursuit of Tantra or sacred sensuality will be thrilled with the vibrant rhythms and textures of Prayers Of The Flesh as an aid to their enjoyment.


"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating).
Looking for a way to add a new dimension to your love-making?  PRAYERS OF THE THE FLESH will enhance, enrich, and elevate your next romantic encounter. Guaranteed." 

Todd D. Schwartz, CBS Radio


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Energy Awakens: Sensuality is an energy. You can feel when it starts to stir. Like a small plant that pushes itself up through the earth to the sunlight. Slowly at first, but very steady. What appears to fragile becomes a wiry, irresistible energy, thrusting it's way to the final destination.
Meditation On Love And Sex: Savanna Kelly becomes the spirit of eternal female energy as she whispers the secrets of love and sex into the ear of anyone who cares to listen. Ride this slow sexy groove into ten minutes of sensual nirvana.
749 Kb sample
The Crystal Palace Beckons: A delicate, magical place to make love. Symbolic of a state of energetic union of the erotic participants. The energy has arrived to carry the lovers to the mythic Crystal Palace of pure intention. Let the ceremony begin. 810 Kb sample
Peaks Of White Snow: More pure than the snow of the highest mountain, the breasts of the Goddess swell and expand with life-giving energy. As she drops her scarlet robe to the ground, the Goddess is exposed in awesome her splendor.
464 Kb sample
Five Signs: In Chinese sexual lore, there are five signs of a woman's gathering orgasmic energy. This energy is critical to the erotic union of the lovers. It must be released at orgasm to create the ultimate healing medicine of the mysterious pearl. This features Savanna in another spoken word narration.
Through The Jade Gate: The Jade Stalk penetrates the Mysterious Flower in Sexual Union. The ancient energies of creation are stirred in the most profound and sacred earthly embrace
Enter The Red Chamber: As the Jade Stalk reaches to it's destiny of deepest penetration into the Mysterious Flower, the Yin and Yang energies are brought to a boiling point of simmering passion and play in the cauldron of the Red Chamber.
2 min 35 sec file,
1.78 MB file size
The Sweetest Elixir: The essence has been released and the lovers play in the most profound peace and harmony available to mortals. Afterglow is a truly a blessed state and a fitting end to the miraculous journey of sexuality.

Recommended For:
Deep kissing and bedroom encounters
Great Romantic Gift!

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