Garden of the Senses
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What draws lovers to each other ?

What makes them tingle with anticipation and shiver with delight at the sight, sound, scent, touch or taste of their mate? Each of our senses provides a piece of the puzzle that unlocks the mystery of romantic attraction. Each has it's own distinct part to play in the eternal dance of love. Yet, it is unique to the human experience that each person weighs the influence of each sense differently. So come ,wander through the Garden. Let your mind enter the realm of the sensual while you play, learn, and reflect. The ideas presented here are simple, but powerful. May they inspire you to new levels of passion in your life.

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Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
One Romantic Night
Under a Lover's Moon
Prayers of the Flesh
Bedroom Whispers
Bedroom Whispers
The Secret Door CD Cover
The Secret Door
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