“The purpose of music is to become who you are”

W.A. Mathieu~ author/Musician



In the last thirty years we have witnessed an explosion of information regarding new healing methods using sound and music.     New research is finally confirming the various restorative and transformative powers that have been attributed to these modalities from the dawn of history.   This research has spawned many innovations in medical thinking.

Is it then such a leap of imagination to think that music might have an equally beneficial effect when used to provide provocative sensual stimulation for romantic or sexual encounters?

I don't think so.

Though many books have been written about relationships, romance and sensuality, there has never been a book-length discussion dealing with music as a major force in first promoting, then energizing erotic activity between lovers.

This is odd, because history abounds with stories of seduction in which the element of music is present.   As a matter of fact, most everyone possesses a certain amount of intuition about the erotic possibilities of sound.

I often wonder why so few act upon this intuition.

In a recent study ( Sloboda, 1999), people were asked to write about the uses they made of music in their everyday lives.  Twenty-two percent said they used music while doing housework, running, driving or cycling.   Only four percent said they used music to accompany sexual or romantic events, even though its potential for use in personal growth work is well documented.

My guess is that the problem lies in a lack of information combined with little awareness or reflection regarding the incredibly beneficial psychological effects that different kinds of music can produce.   This can be easily resolved with a simple understanding of the options available.

I believe the book you are holding is unique; the first to address these options.   It is by design very simple; hopefully entertaining.   The first part of the book (Chapters 1-3) gives you some understanding of how music works its sensual magic.

I discuss certain concepts that are pertinent to the topic; then look at the musical aspects of the subject.   The pages are filled with evidence to support the proposition that music can be an incredible facilitator of memorable, fulfilling erotic experiences.

If the ideas you've heard so far are brand new to you, I would urge you to read through Part One.   Information provided in this first part will go far in convincing you how effective music can be in sexual situations and instill beliefs that will sustain your initial experiments.

The second part of the book (Chapters 4-9) will continue laying the foundation of basic ideas and will also address many practical aspects of using sexy music in your sensual relationships.   Here the rubber meets the road so to speak, with lots of ideas for your private playtime.

If you are already a total believer in the sexual power of music and want to start using the information NOW, start with Part Two.   Here I provide you with everything needed to elicit the musical vitality which will help you achieve your sensual milestones.  

This is an experience book.   It is not something you need to study over and over.   You should read the text once; then use it as a reference for musical selections and fun things to do with your lover while making your sensual environment a magical place of exciting, loving memories

The music suggestions at the back of this book will further guide you in the selection of supplementary musical material that should be very useful in seductive situations.   Use the knowledge you gain in concert with the music to have a wonderful experience full of passionate, stimulating sensuality.

This knowledge will come in very handy for those special, intimate moments that make life worthwhile.   When all is said and done, you will be very gratified to have such information at your fingertips. What's even better is that you'll know how to make great use of it.

Please do not skip over the quotes provided.   They will influence your thinking in a significant way and are a very important part of the learning process.   Consider them.   Savor them.

During the course of the book you might notice that the ladies are given more attention than the guys.   I admit that many of the observations in this book are about or directed towards women.   There are two reasons for this:

The first is because females have a much higher biological stake invested in playing the mating game.   They must carry, as well as care for any offspring involved.   Therefore, the simple truth is that very often females make the choices when it comes to romance.

The second reason is that women, especially young women, show a greater natural inclination to use music as a mood generator or regulator.   Statistics tell us that seventy-five percent of women between nineteen and twenty-nine rate listening to music as very important versus sixty-five percent of guys.   Therefore very early on, they are way ahead of the guys with this awareness.

Females possess a natural inclination towards evaluating music according to how well it suits their current purpose.   Their intuitive grasp of music as an energetic force, capable of originating, enhancing, sustaining and changing emotional, mental and physical states, is much more developed than that of their male counterparts.

Women will pay attention to internal feelings generated by music much more readily than men; sensing the effects of sound on what they’re currently experiencing.   This leads to an awareness of the emotional possibilities inherent in any musical selection; an understanding of what they need to hear to produce the results they desire.

Remember that this small book is only a jumping-off point for a fulfilling, freeing, intensely adventurous journey of discovery about how a part of your own sensuality works.

This journey will give you many ideas about the potential that exists in your erotic world; revealing how easy it is to deepen your experience of sensuality with music.

It will show you that sensual music is a powerful emotional trigger that can create or amplify erotic feelings.   You will discover a host of things you can do with music to increase your level of enjoyment in this vital area of your life.


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