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Recommended for Romance by the "Sexpert" - Ava Cadell, certified sex therapist.
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Classically styled light - jazz with an international flavor. Melodies for romance soaring over a current of sensuous rhythm from the old world and new. The album features the beautiful tone and artistry of Ken Kritzberg on soprano saxophone. From the dawn of time that moonlight has been revered as a supreme aphrodisiac. " Under a Lover's Moon " was made to have a similar effect on the sense of sound as the moon does on the sense of sight. The vibratory frequencies of the album were chosen to soothe away the cares of the day while stimulating and opening the subtle rhythm centers of passion .

"Under a Lover's Moon is one of the best instrumental albums I've heard. It's the most sensual and relaxing music that will make your body flow with the beat. I recommend it to everyone who is up for a better, erotic night of romance with your mate. It also works for just a night of relaxation for your body and soul."

Nada V., college student

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MoonGoddess Awakens: My favorite time of the day are the hours between late afternoon and night. Dusk is when the energy of the earth changes from light to night. Truly a magical time. This piece tries to capture the dynamic of that change of energy and features some finely textured long notes by Kenny.
Outdoor Fantasy: A touch of Latin, a touch of light classical and jazz and you have a perfect musical backdrop for Romance in the Great Outdoors. Forget the mile high club! Have you ever gone au natural in the bosom of Mother Nature? Made love in shade on a warm summer afternoon? Maybe it's time!
735 Kb sample
Lying In Clouds: Picture yourself on a hillside on a blanket with the one you love. Just lying there and looking up at the clouds play their games as they pass by. No worries, no cares. This is as good as it gets. Simple and pure. Kenny plays a stunning cadenza at the end. Enjoy!
Yes Martha , It's Magic!: Think of the wonder and mystery of a first kiss! A promise of things to come! What could be so delicious and dangerous at the same time? The flute in the beginning sets up a delicate interplay between sax and guitar and a gorgeous piano solo unwinds into the final moments of aural ecstasy.
732 Kb sample
Night Angel: Kind of flirtatious, very playful, this tune reflects an underlying sense of anticipation. Just like dressing up for a BIG date! You know that in just a little while you'll be with the one you are dying for and she's doing the same thing and dying for you. A sensuous thrill runs up and down your spine just thinking of coming delights.
Reflections From A Hidden Lake: The night has fallen. The wine glass has been delicately sipped until it is empty. Wine does it's work and adds the perfect gloss to the atmosphere. The fire burns low in the fireplace. The air is thick with anticipation. The time is now. Who will make the first inevitable move?
Moonbeams On Your Lips: As fresh as a spring day. A little dance tune in 3/4 to spark some playful sensuality. Let your love be as sweet as this melody and joyful as you make it. Kenny shines in his interpretation of the music. The soprano sax becomes an energy of willowy desire in his skilled hands.
Sensuous Rendezvous: The centerpiece of the album. The moment of truth. The preparation has been made. There is nothing left but to submerge oneself in the swirling rhythm and middle-eastern melody while time stands still! The music rises to a climax and crashes down only to rise again. Great for sensual striptease.
1055 Kb sample
Your Favorite Secret: A moment of repose from the intensity of the previous selection. This tune has many charms of it's own. I think of it as a study of tension and release between the verse and chorus. Kenny has a marvelous improvised solo bit at the end. Don't miss it!
Under A Lover's Moon: Nothing like some nice afterglow to end an album. Again, we have some nice interplay between sax and guitar. Let this end your romantic diners with a promise of things to come. Let the most tender of emotions lead you and the beloved to your rendezvous "Under A Lover's Moon"
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Recommended For:
Romantic Dinners, Fireside intrigues, and relaxation
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Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
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Under a Lover's Moon
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