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Mystic Ocean has finally emerged from the studio with another classic of sensual music to follow up on the success of their first album "Prayers Of The Flesh". "The Secret Door" takes the listener on an audio journey not to be forgotten. Highlights include the haunting wordless vocal on "Mysterious Flower", electrifying sax on "Grind" and the playfully seductive muted trumpet on "Push". All of these selections are part of "The Sensual Suite", which clocks in at over an hour of steamy instrumental music. Let this music teach its secret lesson of delight and warm your sensual encounters with exquisite sound. Contains the Striptease Classic "Grind" and four other Extended Tracks for sensuous striptease. (2,7,8,9,and 12)

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(Due to the length of samples please be patient when downloading.)
Prelude: Lovely cover model Julia uses her sexy, expressive voice to get right to the point. She reminds one and all in this opening poem set to music that we must open to the energy of the sensual before it can enter our lives.
The Secret Door: Let the trance begin! This strong beat will gently wrap you and your lover in a cocoon of vibrant rhythm as you slide from the busy workday world into the velvet folds of sensuality. A descending saxophone melody leads the way. Will you follow?
2 min 56 sec file size 2.67 MB
Interlude #1: A relentless throbbing organ pulses as the nameless stranger, sensing your hesitation, exhorts you to realize that only passion can open the Mysterious Flower.
Mysterious Flower: Let the siren call of the Mysterious Flower caress you. Let the fluid guitar warm you. Let the shimmering vibes be as playful as your love.
3 min 23 sec file size 3.10 MB
Dark Night, Wet Lips: As the stars fill the night sky, the Pleasure Garden comes alive with the promise of exotic past-times and voluptuous rhythm.
Interlude#2: A moment to reflect as the passion begins to simmer and stir. The air is pregnant with desire. It shimmers and intoxicates.
Blindfold: Whispering bells, rhythm with a Middle-Eastern flavor, airy piano over a relentless bass line, all support another simple but potentently sexual vocal sample by Julia. This is truly the stuff of fantasy. You will be guided through a doorway into the hidden realms of the psyche and heart. Pierce the veil of love's hidden world.
2 min 50 sec file size 2.50 MB
Push: A delicate organ fugue sets an atmosphere of veiled sensuality. Beautiful voices whispering only one wish, one command. Push! Push with your whole being! Obey! You will remember these moments in time when one world melted into another.
2 min 55 sec file size 2.68 MB
Grind: A solo sax statement of the main theme propels this track into the neither world of erotic abandon. A jagged rhythm sets up a tension that begs resolution of the sweetest kind. Each statement of the theme burns brighter as it exposes the half-revealed secrets. One virtuoso performance deserves another. What are you waiting for?
2 min 8 sec file size 1.97 MB
Interlude# 3: A reminder of things spoken in the beginning. What are you waiting for? Is your being glowing with the warmth of the sensual? Do you belong to the secret world of the passion and senses?
Drops Of Pure Desire: Desire can be pure. It can be the essence of a mighty love that knows no bounds. The nameless stranger can only repeat this mantra for his own ears while the spirit rides on wave after intimate wave of seamless music.
2 min 5 sec file size 1.89 MB
Mysterious Flower "Groove Me" Remix: A rhythmic reworking of this strange and sensuous mystery features the nameless stranger once again. Delirious with the beauty of the Mysterious Flower and lusting after her sex, he must satisfy the longing that fills every pore of his being.

Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
One Romantic Night
Under a Lover's Moon
Prayers of the Flesh
Bedroom Whispers
Bedroom Whispers
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