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Objects of Desire/The Best Of Blush Records Vol. # 1

(the instrumentals)

A compilation of romantic, sensual music for lovemaking

Dramatically improve the sensual ambiance of your favorite romantic hideaway!

Increase the odds of a magical outcome in every romantic situation!

Effortlessly lead your lover from mundane everyday moods to stimulating states of lusty passion!


The twelve tracks included on this CD represent the most potent offerings form the Blush catalogue to date. Use them to bring the sensual energy of music to your erotic relationships.

The first three tracks are conducive to a romantic interlude suggesting much more to come.

The next seven selections are the heart and soul of the album; creating a sensuous audio environment that mirrors the energy of an erotic bedroom experience.

The last track is an elegant afterglow piece that gently guides high-flying orgasmic lovers to a picture perfect landing after their extraordinary erotic experiences.

Take the senuality quiz included in the CD booklet to discover the difference this music can make in your love life. What are you waiting for.


"Objects of Desire/The Best of Blush Records Vol. #1"

Reviewed by Lynn Burton

Are you prepared to unleash your erotic potential?  I hope so.  If you aren’t, you will be when you listen to Objects of Desire. This compilation will transform your everyday humdrum existence into one of erotic bliss.  You’ll be swept away in a deliciously naughty rhythm with the help of the music intended to spark romance.  Whether you want to seduce that new someone in your life or rekindle a long-time relationship, you’ll find ways to do so that you probably haven’t even thought of before listening to this CD.  The desire to create those magical moments won’t take much work on your part. This music does that for you while you just enjoy the places it takes you.

Expect to be delighted, expect your body to move in ways that no doubt will prime it for optimal results.  Expect to be horny!  I couldn’t listen without experiencing a rush of those feelings.

We all have fantasies.  One of mine happens to involve a feather mask.  While a blindfold isn’t exactly the same, I found that the particular track, Blindfold, gave my visions a whole new and much more exciting spin.  That’s the idea, right? To take things up a notch.  I enjoyed this entire album as I was able to imagine so many different possibilities.  And they truly are endless when you give yourself over to the music.

With a sensuality quiz included in the special packaging, you can’t go wrong. Blush Records continues to please.



Audio Samples


MP3 Format
(Due to the length of samples please be patient when downloading.)
Under A Lover's Moon

1 min 36 sec file,
1.10 MB file size

The Crystal Palace Beckons
1 min 13 sec file,
810 KB file size
Sensuous Rendezvous 1 min 35 sec file,
187 KB file size
Blindfold 2 min 50 sec file,
2.50 MB file size
Candlelight 56 sec file,
6.20 KB file size
The Secret Door 2 min 56 sec file,
2.67 MB file size
The Scent of Her Hair 2 min 29 sec file,
1.70 MB file size
Enter the Red Chamber 2 min 35 sec file,
1.78 MB file size
Passion Dance 2 min 12 sec file,
1.50 MB file size
Yes, Martha, It's Magic 1 min 6 sec file,
732 KB file size
Push 2 min 55 sec file,
2.68 MB file size
Afterglow 2 min 40 sec file,
1.90 MB file size


Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
One Romantic Night
Under a Lover's Moon
Prayers of the Flesh
Bedroom Whispers
Bedroom Whispers
The Secret Door CD Cover

The Secret Door
Your Credit Card
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