"In the beginning, God made a clay statue as an image of divinity and asked the human soul to enter it.   But the soul refused, regarding this forced incarnation as just a form of imprisonment.   After all, it was accustomed to flying freely about the celestial realms, unbound and unlimited.   So God requested the angels to play their music.   The angelic song brought the soul such ecstasy that it willingly entered the body of clay, believing that it would hear the music better in physical form."

~Hafiz~14th century Sufi poet

Sex Music

Definition: Music reflects the purpose it was made for. Sex music is any music that suggests supports or incites erotic activity regardless of style. What matters most is the music’s ability to arouse sexual energy.  


You might wonder what music has to do with sex.

Very simply - a lot!

How do I know? What are my credentials?

Well, though I'm not a board certified sex therapist or doctor, I do have an erotic diploma of sorts.

During the early days of my career as a composer and musician, I decided to take my knowledge of popular music in a new direction by learning the art of the DJ.   Quietly honing turntable skills for six years at a multitude of parties and weddings, I eventually signed on as Disc Jockey for one of the most notorious, most outrageous sex clubs in the city of Los Angeles, California.   I ended up staying with this fascinating group for ten years.

It was my job to play music that not only encouraged, but demanded passionate sensuality of the sexual kind on the dance floor.

The club became my own erotic laboratory as I wove an ever   deeper spell of music, leading people from the comfort zones of normal mood states to an uninhibited new world where they felt secure enough to pursue their wildest sensual fantasies.

All of this took place amidst an audience that represented a cross section of everyday people from all walks of life; some rich, some poor, some young, some old, some attractive, some not.   These transitory erotic liaisons were formed between good friends and complete strangers each chasing down their own version of sexual nirvana.

Maybe an audience of friends or strangers isn't for you.   Maybe you prefer the intimacy of one on one.   Whatever you prefer, there is a wonderful, uninhibited place of sexual love that belongs to all of us.

How you wish to experience it is up to you. I am only interested in assisting you with your search for erotic bliss.

I know one thing.

Whether on a dance floor with fellow erotic travelers or in the cocoon of your bedroom sanctuary with a soul mate, sensual music CAN and WILL take you on a powerful inner journey of intimate discovery if you choose to go down this path.

I sincerely hope that journey ends with the object of your desire; an impassioned sensuality ultimately set free.

I don't have all the answers, but my experiences have provided me with several important pieces of the puzzle to offer you.   In my ten-year odyssey of music and sex with the club I have learned many things; of which the most important is this:

Music can be an incredible ally in our pursuit of sensual pleasure.   It's the easiest, quickest, safest and most effective legal way of shifting normal, everyday mental states to non-ordinary levels of erotic awareness.

Only in this state of grace can we unlock the secret door of our personal treasure trove of sensual energy; an energy that will power us to the highest peaks of eroticism.

I've seen it happen so many times.

It can happen for you.


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