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Recommended for Romance by the "Sexpert"; - Ava Cadell, certified sex therapist.
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One Romantic Night is an album of ambient romantic mood music. Using several different styles from the jazz/exotica genre, Joe Romano weaves a spell of romance and eroticism from the rich tones of his muted trumpet. Listeners will find this music slowly caressing away the anxieties and frustrations inherent in the modern lifestyle. A new mental state emerges of calm relaxation and openness, ideal for romantic situations.

While drinking in the warm sensuality of One Romantic Night, conflicts fade away. You and lover will be gently seduced into a place where your bonding will be harmonized on many levels. The effects are subtle, but very real. The method of this music is to suggest rather than dictate. The beneficial aspects of this album are available to you at any time. Even if alone, we encourage you to experiment for yourself with it's soothing effect on stress. You may give your full attention to the music, or just let it play in the background to relax you on a subliminal level. See what works best for you.

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Titles .wav Samples

Nightscape: The night sky holds many wonders. This is especially true for lovers. Whether viewing the lights of the city or the evening stars, the promise of intimate delights are always a tantalizing possibility. This musical portrait of nighttime captures all the nuances of these sensual expectations.
556 Kb sample
Gentle Dreamer: The seeds of erotic adventure can sometimes grow from innocent thoughts and dreams. They grow with each shy smile or glance between lovers. Soon a small stream of trickling sensuousness can became a raging river of desire! 858 Kb sample
Candlelight: The atmosphere of our lovenest is so very important. Some hidden lights or candles casting a discreet glow is critical to the success of anyone hoping to enjoy the pleasures of desire without restraint. The music here is a perfect compliment to your lighting, gentle but firm! Love will have it's way tonight! 620 Kb sample
Enchanted Eyes: This track captures the energy and spark of a perfect night, a delightful idea and two very willing participants. The evening charms are still very young. Twinkling eyes dance in anticipation.
Interlude #1: We are ready to journey into the next phase of the evening. The slow strums of the solo guitar will show us the way.
The Scent Of Her Hair: It is so easy to fall into the trance of the erotic. We fixate, obsess on one aspect or charm of the beloved. We drink in their beauty with our eyes or savor their intoxicating scent. A drum and swirling keyboard line lead us further down the path of passion.
2 min 29 sec file,
1.70 MB file size
Spellbinder: The hunger which has been growing must be satisfied. Like a moth to a flame we drawn into a most delicious resolution of our embrace. The night indeed is a most powerful aphrodisiac. The trumpet playing here is so intimate. So Right! Enjoy!
Interlude #2: We are ever deeper into the night! Floating in delights so rare and exquisite.
Flickering Embers: A beautiful melody that inspires worship in the church of desire fills the air. It is a prelude of even stronger excitement to come. The flickering embers will once again be fed and the fire will rage once more.
Late In The Game: The moon showers the earth with warm light. It is getting very late and the trumpets clarion call reminds us that this night of magic will not last forever and we should satiate ourselves in it's wonder while we still can. Let your heart beat faster. Summon your energy and leap into the magical!
Interlude #3: Last call! Hurry! Your last invitation. Morning will not be denied and will soon wrestle control of the earth from the night. But there is still a little time!
One True Desire: Brooding shadows steal their way into the night like phantoms. Solitary and eerie, yet so sensual, the trumpet fills all empty spaces. Nothing more is needed nor asked for
Passion Dance: Everything comes into light. Nothing is hidden. One last surge of the restless energy before it dies in the rush of daylight surging this way and that. The crescendo is over. Release.
2 min 12 sec file,
1.50 MB file size
Afterglow: A perfect ending to a lovely story. Lie back and luxuriate in the sensuous waves of sound washing over you one after another. A very special moment. Afterglow. 2 min 40 sec file,
1.90 MB file size

Recommended For:
Light conversation, Romantic Dinners
Great Romantic Gift!

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