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Let's face it. We are sensual animals. The sense of smell is a very primal. For all of our pretensions, we cannot deny the instinctual foundations of our mating dance. In some species this sense is more developed than others, but in all creation it's influence is deep and rooted to the core.

Body scents, imperceptible fragrances called pheromones carry certain physiological codes that connect on very deep levels of awareness. For many species they are the biological carrier that triggers the desire to mate. It has been discovered that human female pheromones are one of the prime movers in provoking erotic behaviors in both sexes. Scents are powerful links to sensual memories and can call up vivid mental images of past steamy encounters. The scent of a lover's perfume, hair, body, bed, or clothes can transport us to moments of intense sensual stimulation.

Use intoxicating fragrances to your advantage in setting a mood or stimulating pleasure directly.

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Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
One Romantic Night
Under a Lover's Moon
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