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Imagine a magic wand you could wave to conjure up the perfect sensual environment.

What if it was in front of your face all the time? You just couldn't crack the code to use it!

The Secret is finally out!

Sex Between the Beats is the first and only book of its kind; written by the only person that could write it! A disc jockey with ten years experience working for an LA sex club.

Have an eye-opening look at the deep connections between sexy music and exciting erotic encounters! Take your sexuality to new heights using a totally sensual approach.

The book soars in an easy to read, non-technical style and comes with a full length CD of sexy grooves so you can feel the romance tonight.


Find out what sex music can do for you!



Book Review # 1

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating).

John Kale is a true pioneer in the field of human sexuality. Music can be an aphrodisiac and he's got the proof. His book,"Sex Between The Beats," along with his amazing collection of CDs, solidifies and substantiates the connection between music and sexual stimulation. The book and CDs (and the book comes with a CD) are MUST-HAVES for anyone looking to expand their horny horizons. People often seek that 'something extra' to heat up a romantic interlude. Now, along with a little candlelight and scented massage oil, the right ingredients are at hand from John Kale's Blush Records -- guaranteed to ignite any bedtime encounter and transform it into an experience above and beyond your wildest erotic expectations."
                                                                                           --- Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio


From Bach to Beyonce and beyond, let DJ John Kale teach you the art of creating a truly sensuous ambience through the medium of music. Learn his secrets, then use the slow sexy grooves on the original CD enclosed to feel the romance tonight.

"Sex Between the Beats" reveals the sizzling effect
that sex music has on our bodies and in our beds.

Modern science has proven what ancient mystics have always known; hidden inside the rhythms, melodies and harmonies of music is a primal, ancient code that penetrates to the core of our being. Vibrational energies inherent in music have an inside track to subconscious levels of the mind, triggering change in our enotions and physical body that defy analysis or understanding.


You will learn how to ....

Set the mood for any erotic activity

Electrify every cell of your body

Achieve a truly altered state of erotic ideas

Electrify every cell of your body

Achieve a truly altered state of erotic ideas

Intensify even your most powerful orgasms

Unlock the passionate rhythms of sensuality

Use music to produce chills and tingles throughout your lover's body



Author John Kale with celebrity author
Mark Victor Hansen of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.


Author and disc jockey John Kale reflects upon his 10 years of experience working for one of L.A..'s most notorious sex clubs. With direct insight gained form working in a live setting; supported by much intriguing research, he is able to explain how the type of music we listen to has enormous impact on sexual behavior and satisfaction.

This informal and entertaining look at an often neglected aspect of sensuality will dellight readers with easy practical suggestions to immediately improve their erotic affairs.


Book Review # 2

Sex Between the Beats:  The Ultimate Guide To Sex Music

By John Kale

Blush Books/A division of Blush Records

ISBN:  0-9763912-0-1, $18.95, 2005, pp. 233

Reviewed By Lynn Burton

Already familiar with some of the music from Blush Records, I was excited to get my hands on this book (it might also be the stickiest book I own) as well as the CD that accompanies it because I knew I’d be in for a fun ride.  A fun ride is what I got!  From the beginning to end, it delivers just what it promises. As a writer of erotica and lover of music, I could appreciate all that this book has to offer.

Author and DJ, John Kale takes us on a guided exploration of sex music and our own sensuality through extensive research and his personal experiences as a disc jockey.  Focusing on selected music, along with using all of your five senses, you’ll learn how to set the mood and gain the desired effects for any erotic encounter. 

The type of music we listen to has a very great effect on how we behave in certain situations.  Music can gently turn our consciousness toward sensuality while attuning sensitive bodily systems to the stirrings of sexual energy as Kale explains in a sub-chapter titled The Sexual Power of music. 

“Sex Between the Beats” appeals to a wide audience of music lovers, musicians or anyone trying to find a new direction in their relationships.  It’s informative as well as arousing.  Don’t just read this book; absorb it, learn it and put it to use for your advantage.  You and your partner will be glad you did. Take the time to do the short exercises that are presented.  They work!  The appendix also lists several different types of music selections and further reading.



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Sex Between the Beats

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