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It is said that a man falls in love with his eyes, but a woman falls in love with her ears. It's true that women love the sweet words and sounds of love , yet what man can resist the sighs and moans of a passionate lover responding to his every caress. Make no mistake about it ! Sound is a riveting aphrodisiac ! The belief that music can alter moods has been with us from the dawn of history. Since music is actually physical vibrations in space, we can directly control the vibratory feel of our romantic hideaways with our choice of music. It's quite an adventure, great fun and very sexy to experiment with several types of music to enhance the atmosphere you share with your lover. Find out what kinds of music can put them in the many different moods of sensuality. Then relax and enjoy while nature takes it's course. Good Vibrations indeed !

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Under a Lover's Moon
Under A Lover's Moon
Under a Lover's Moon
One Romantic Night
Under a Lover's Moon
Prayers of the Flesh
Bedroom Whispers
Bedroom Whispers
The Secret Door CD Cover
The Secret Door
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